Monroe Professional Center

Parking Facilities

The Monroe Professional Center condominium includes two parking lots reserved for the exclusive use of owners or lessees in the project and their customers and guests. Parking in both lots is on a first come first served basis. No overnight parking is permitted unless authorized by the project manager.

The east parking lot is located across 18th Avenue directly opposite the main entrance to the Fitzgibbons Building. It contains 21 parking stalls of which 19 are perpendicular and two are parallel. The parallel stalls are designed for handicapped parking. Entrance and exit is from either 18th Avenue or the alley that parallels18th Avenue to the east.

The south parking lot is located along the south side of the Fitzgibbons Building. It contains 11 angle parking stalls. Entrance is from 18th Avenue and exit is to the alley that parallels 18th Avenue along the west side of the condominium complex.

In addition to the dedicated parking facilities, free public parking is located in close proximity with curb parking along both sides of 10th Street and along both sides of 18th Avenue. Approximately 44 curb parking stalls are located within one-half block of an entrance to the Monroe Professional Center. In addition, a municipal parking lot, with capacity for 44 vehicles, is located about one-half block to the north with an entrance from 18th Avenue.