Monroe Professional Center

Governance & Administration

The Monroe Professional Center Condominium was created by a Declaration of Condominium dated and recorded on May 13, 1999 [the “Condominium Declaration”] and accompanying condominium plat. Both the declaration and plat have been restated to incorporate changes that have occurred since 1999, including the acquisition and development of the project’s east parking lot. The restated declaration and plat may be downloaded using the links below.

Voting Rights

The MPC Condominium is operated by the Monroe Professional Center Condominium Association, LLC, a Wisconsin limited liability company [the “Association”]. Each owner of a unit of the condominium is a member of the Association and may cast the number of membership votes allocated to the unit in the Condominium Declaration. The following table reflects the number of membership votes allocated to each unit under the Condominium Declaration:

Condominium Association Voting Rights

Area Measurements Conform to BOMA 2010 Standard for Office Spaces

MPC Building Condominium Association Votes Usable Area [s.f.] Rentable Area [s.f.]
B101 80 3,721 4,068
B102 75 4,881 5,336
B103 13 676 739
B107 [garage for unit 311] 11 569 622
B108 9 335 366
101 79 1,892 2,115
102 60 1,575 1,761
103 74 1,981 2,214
104 119 2,740 3,063
105 33 922 1,031
106 33 1,183 1,322
MPC Building Total 586 20,475 22,637
Fitzgibbons Building
B111 31 1,090 1,320
B112 60 2,019 2,446
111 42 1,474 1,738
112 72 2,058 2,426
212 112 4,216 4,319
311 [Residence] 97 3,719 3,810
Fitzgibbons Building Total 414 14,576 16,059
MPC Condominium Total 1,000 35,051 38,696

Board of Directors

A board of directors of the Association, consisting of three individuals, is elected by the members at the annual meeting of the membership held during the first three months of each calendar year. Day to day operations of the condominium are overseen by the board of directors.

Condominium Assessments

Unit owners receive a monthly billing for services provided by the Association. Among the principal services provided by the Association are maintenance of the common areas and facilities, including all common hallways, mechanical rooms, parking facilities and the passenger elevator. Also included in monthly condominium assessments are allocations to each unit for municipal water and sewer service, solid waste and recyclable materials collection and snow removal. The monthly billing also includes a small capital reserve charge to accumulate and maintain a fund for capital costs, such as repair or replacement of sidewalks, parking facilities or roofs.