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Unit 111
1,474 s.f. [usable - 925 s.f. developed]



Located in the Fitzgibbons Building on the first level of the Monroe Professional Center Condominium, Unit 111 is partially developed as a small professional office. It is located adjacent to the passenger elevator.   


The Fitzgibbons Building is rich in local history. It is all that remains of the Fitzgibbons Brothers buggy works, a manufacturer of buggies in the late 1800s and early 1900s. One of Monroe's most infamous fires destroyed about 60% of the original building on August 28, 1948. The present building was saved and underwent a complete renovation in 1999 with the installation of a passenger elevator and new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, windows and floors. 


Unit 111 exits directly to the Fitzgibbons Building atrium lobby. 

Unit 111 is owned by the Fitzgibbons Building, LLP partnership and is currently leased to Edward Jones. 

Unit 111 with scale

For more information contact:

Rex A. Ewald
1015 18th Avenue
Unit 311
Monroe, Wisconsin  53566

(608) 293-3966  

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November 30, 2021


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